Pieces in the WMF Cromargan LINE Pattern
Because of their consistent shapes and similar sizes, some pieces of the WMF pattern, LINE, can be mistaken for one another.

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Five of the six LINE spoons are the same shape, with an oval bowl.  Because of their similar sizes, it can be especially easy to confuse the tablespoon with the soup spoon and the teaspoon with the 5 O'Clock spoon.  The surest way to distinguish these is by their length.  The sixth spoon, the egg spoon (eierlöffel), has a tear-shaped bowl.

Most of the alleged LINE demitasse spoons you see for sale online are actually egg spoons.  One reason the egg spoons are more plentiful than the demitasse spoons is that the egg spoons were sold in boxed sets of six and as part of sets of egg cups. 

There are other LINE place spoons (viz., iced tea spoons and salt spoons), plus the serving spoons, but they are not likely to be confused with any other LINE spoons, so I didn't include them here.

I'm aware of just five different place forks for LINE.  From left to right they are:  the dinner fork (7-5/8"), the luncheon fork (7-1/4" in German, this is a dessertgabel or dessert fork), the fish fork (7-1/8"), the salad fork (6-5/8"), and the pastry fork (6-1/4").  The only two here that might get mixed up with one another are the dinner and luncheon/dessert forks.

LINE? serrated
fruit? knife.

I'm aware of six different place knives for LINE.   From left to right these are:  the hollow-handle dinner knife (8-3/8"), the serrated hollow-handle dinner knife (8-3/8"), the serrated hollow-handle luncheon knife (8"), the solid-handle fish knife (7-5/8"), the hollow-handle fruit knife (6-5/8" not serrated, but with a very sharp edge), and the flat-handle individual butter spreader (6-3/8").  The only two that might get mixed up here are the two serrated knives.
UPDATE (13 Feb 2016):  I've acquired what appears to be a new LINE knife (images added at right).  It does not have the vintage triangular mark, just a simple WMF logo on the blade.  It also has the more "modern," curved meeting of the blade with the handle.  Like the fruit knife, it is hollow-handled and 6-5/8" long, but unlike the vintage fruit knife, it is serrated.

Box lid of a starter set of WMF LINE I bought used in 2012.

Front of Piece List that came in the above box.

Back of the same Piece List, dated June 1980.
Please note that "Fraser's" was the distributor of WMF housewares, not the manufacturer.  Fraser's Ltd. was a division of WMF of America, Inc., which was in turn a division of WMF AG, Germany.  Fraser's was originally a retail store founded in 1947 in Berkeley, California, by Gordon Freeman Fraser.  The outlet expanded across the U.S. and Europe as it was gradually bought out by WMF AG, and Gordon Fraser continued to play a major role in the development and marketing of WMF products.  Fraser's ceased to exist upon the death of Gordon Fraser in 2005.  WMF products are now distributed in the U.S. by the WMF Americas Group based in North Carolina.

Also please note that no such person as "William Fraser" was involved here.  That name now widely used on eBay and elsewhere associated with WMF vintage products was a mistaken interpretation of "WMF" by Replacements Ltd. in their book Stainless Flatware Guide (Page & Frederiksen 1998).   WMF stands for Württembergische Metallwarenfabrik, not Wm. Fraser!